Friday, August 23, 2013

A Small Adventure

A couple of Saturdays ago Ben and I felt the draw of Port Townsend, so we headed over to the peninsula for the day.
Baby seagulls.

 After hitting Edensaw for some yellow cedar (and a gorgeous piece of madrona which I regrettably don't have a picture of) for the boat, we drove over to Marrowstone and Indian Islands.  Marrowstone is a sweet little place.  Perhaps it remains so pleasant and quiet because you have to drive past the massive Naval Reserve on Indian Island to get there.

 Walking through the general store in Nordland on Marrowstone started me wondering what it would be like to live in the area.  For a long time, all I could think about was moving back to Seattle.  It's the city that birthed and raised me.  There was a community there that I've missed so greatly.  But the longer I'm away, the lesser the heartache, and I feel so much the braver.

Ben looking at M/V Pacific Pioneer.
Back in town, we walked around the Port Townsend shipyard looking for inspiration.  We came across our boat's big sister,  Pacific Pioneer, looking quite nice after a shave and a haircut.  It's always nice to meet new relatives.

This is the s/v Toadstool.  She looks like she popped out of a children's book, as are many of the boats Bill Garden designed, and this was his personal sailboat.  All I can think of is that door!  She looks like she's captained by a hobbit.  I would love something whimsical like this on ours.

We walked the PT waterfront together the rest of the afternoon, sharing dreams and perusing used bookstores.  It was nice to step outside the grind of everyday work and find such a happy place.