Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Short Cut to Mushrooms

Hello Folks! A lot has happened since I last posted. We've now been living aboard for almost nine months. Many boat projects have happened in that time, including a nine day haul-out and the addition of new portholes.  This post is about the most important project of all.

This week I decided to paint the mushroom vents. 

Because they're called mushroom vents, people!

Using sandpaper to scuff up the brass so the paint'll stick.
Two coats of white.
The dots took me awhile with painter's tape. I did them free hand. (I had to promise Ben they wouldn't look like something out of Super Mario Bros.)
First coat of red paint. There were ultimately 5 coats.

The mushrooms are based on the Fly Amanita, because it's probably the most recognizable of all mushrooms. They're also the same color as the stack, so weirdly it works.

According to the folktales I've heard about this particular mushroom, it's called a Fly Amanita because they'll enable you to fly. Reindeer seem to love these and this might be how Santa's heard gets around. I mentioned this to Ben and he reckons we'd need more than just two to lift a >60 ton tugboat into the air.  These are also known to be hallucinogenic, so if we do start flying it'll probably be in my own head. Shame really, as haul-outs would be a lot cheaper.