Friday, April 11, 2014


April is here.  Look, pictures!

Sitting on the aft deck knitting or reading in the sun make for the most pleasant moments I have these days.

I'm knitting my first sweater.  What?  I'm proud of it!  If you wanna see boat pictures, keep your shirt on and scroll down.

Oh no the roof is gone!
So yeah, we found some rot in the overhead, so we tented the deckhouse and knocked that shit out.  I forgot how much I enjoy the sound of rain from inside a tent.

New deck beams.

While the tent was up, we could enjoy staying dry while searching our pockets for the keys to the cabin.  Eventually, we would like covered side decks, but that's a little ways in the future.

I've got this brilliant idea that we should get a miniature donkey and get him to pull the dock cart.  I'd name him Donkey Xote and keep him away from windmills.

Ben thinks this is an incredibly stupid idea.  Feel free to leave a note in the comments to tell him how foolish he's being.