Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cabinetry and Living quarters

Note: This is my first post done on the Blogger app. So if you have any trouble seeing these photos please let me know.

Well, all the structural work we were doing is done, so we are now on to the fun part. We have been planning the cabinetry and the layout of the living quarters for years now, and it's a tremendous pleasure to finally be able to do it. 

I find the above pictures absolutely adorable. Ben looks like a kid with a new Lego set.

Yes, those are splints on both my wrists, it turns out both wrists were sprained.  The secondary x-rays turned up nothing broken, luckily. The healing is slow and I'm having trouble holding a hammer or a brad gun, but I am able to do lighter tasks. I can also carry a surprising amount of lumber in the crooks of my arms.  It's hard not to be joyful though, watching this all come together in the golden July sunlight.

At the other end of the dock is a beautiful little sailboat called Treasure, and on Treasure lives this little guy. His name is Redford. 
Redford has discovered that it is not too hard to hop aboard the big tugboat down at the other end of the dock. And if he does so, the people working there will stop whatever they're doing, and scratch him behind the ears. 

Happy Summer everybody.

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